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July 1997 San Diego Photos

July 1997 San Diego Photos

These photos were shot with a Minolta Maxxum 3xi using Kodak ASA 200 Film.

(63K) With heavy overcast skies, San Diegan #774 backing into Santa Barbara at 7AM, 7/23/97.

(52K) Breathtaking Santa Fe depot at San Diego.

(72K) Looking down the main corridor that passengers take to board the trains.

(86K) Variety of equpiment: #781, a short consist in the center and a fuel truck to the far right. Notice the very high fence to prevent golf balls from the driving range fence from raining down on the depot and passengers.

(83K) Same as above but the scene is complete with the San Diego Trolly in the photo.

(69K) Close-up of the San Diego trolly across the street from the San Diego Santa Fe Depot.

(86K) Two San Diego Trollies meet.

(80K) Another view of the trolly entering the wye near the Santa Fe Depot.

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