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San Juan Capistrano Photos

3/19/97 San Juan Capistrano Photos

(41K) A deserted Los Angeles Union Station after the morning commuter trains are gone.

(21K) A single F40PH on Track #10 at Los Angeles Union Station.

(28K) F40PH #293 pulled from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles but now will push the train to San Juan Capistrano.

(44K) Amfleet Cab Car 9630 leads the way to San Juan Capistrano from Los Angeles. Notice AMTK 237 sitting alone down the line.

(56K) Amtrak #774 ready to depart San Juan Capistrano after I got off.

(84K) Metrolink Cab Car at Los Angeles Union Station.

(104K) The Pond in the center of Mission San Juan Capistrano.

(73K) Mission San Juan Capistrano from the street.

(81K) Perfect lighting of the Mission from another angle.

(108K) The depot sign.

(72K) On the way back through Los Angeles, P42 #19 was sitting next to us. I would assume it was from the earlier arriving Desert Wind.

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