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9/97 San Luis Obispo Trip Photos

9/10/97 Trip to San Luis Obispo Photos

These photos were shot with a Minolta Maxxum 3xi using Kodak 200 Gold Film.

(72K) In our Deluxe Superliner sleeper, Les and Mike kicking back just before arriving in San Luis Obispo.

(63K) Mike and Les outside of our sleeping car just after arriving in San Luis Obispo.

(68K) Mike loaded with railfan gear including a video camera!

(56K) Testing out my 200mm zoom lanse, I see our engineer, Mr. Hinkley appearing bored with our station stop or me peering at him!

(69K) Our train stopped at San Luis Obispo. Notice the dead-headding Amfleet car between the locomotives and baggage car.

(76K) Train #14 pulling out as mike shoots video of it.

(67K) SP helpers await the arrival of the next freight train to ascend the Cuesta Grade. They sure need a bath or a Union Pacific re-paint!

(91K) The San Luis Obispo depot on a perfect day to ride the train.

(102K) Train #11 arriving in San Luis Obispo on the same track #14 used.

(76K) Riding in the last car made it convenient for photos out the back window.

(92K) Beautiful view of the Nipomo Mesa just north of Santa Maria.

(92K) South of Guadalupe in a wooded area near MP 273.0.

(63K) Interior view in a Superliner Coach.

(72K) Baggage being unloaded from a Coach/Baggage car.

(61K) Mike waving goodbye as #11 pulls away from Santa Barbara.

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All Photos © 1997 Steven Reynolds. If you would like to use my photos, please ask and give me the credit.