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Pacific Surfliner Trainset

Pacific Surfliner Trainset

On May 27, 2000, the new Pacific Surfliner trainset made its debut in Santa Barbara, CA. My wife and I were visiting family in Santa Barbara when a friend of mine phoned me and informed me of the new trainset making its way to Santa Barbara where it continued to San Luis Obispo. A beautiful consist to say the least and now the new Amtrak F59PHI locomotives match the cars! It's a far cry from seeing these new locomotives pull Amfleet and Horizon style cars.

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(57K) Train #779 arriving from Los Angeles with the new Surfliner cab car. Notice the horns below the front door! Must be loud inside the cab.

(47K) A closer view of the cab car. The one thing I don't like about the new Santa Barbara platform are all the light poles which ruin train photography!

(37K) Attractive new paint scheme on these cars with the train's new name displayed on every car.

(36K) There were many passengers getting on and off at Santa Barbara so I had the time to QUICKLY jump on board the train and run upstairs and view the seating. I didn't dare sit down for I feared the doors would close and trap me onboard until the next stop at Goleta!

(38K) A wider angle shot of me in the doorway. I jumped off just seconds before they closed the doors!

(42K) My wife Lana even had time to jump aboard.

(50K) Train #779 "pushing" out of Santa Barbara.

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All Photos © 2000 Steven Reynolds.