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The club recently completed a diorama of the Holden Lixiviation Works that was placed in the Holden/Marolt Ranching & Mining Museum in Aspen Colorado. This diorama measured 7' X 7' and consisted of over 80 different structures that were scratchbuilt especially for the model. The model is based on the 22 acres surrounding the Holden Lixivation Works, Koch Lumber, and the Aspen Smelting Company in Aspen, Colorado, as it was in 1893. 2000+ man hours over 18 months was used to complete the project. Sadly, of all the buildings on the diorama, only three are still standing today. Thanks to the hard work of Carl Bergman and the Heritage Aspen organization, two of these buildings are in no danger of being lost.
For the first time in a couple of years the N gauge modules have been put together and made operational. They will be setup for about a year and then they will be used for the traveling shows and the HO will be setup. Right now we will be trying out three DCC systems for the modules to see which one has the most advantages for the group. We will be trying NCE, Digitrax, and Lenz. For the next several months we will be concentrating on clean up and repair. If anyone is interested in building a module, bring your ideas to the meetings.
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