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AMTK 40th Anniversary Train Page 3

Amtrak 40th Anniversary Train

San Diego, CA

December 4, 2011

Story and photographs by Richard Elgenson
RailNewsNetwork writer

Each phase of Amtrak equipment is represented in HO scale models.  I spent limited time photographing them though.



Other aspects of railroading are represented on board including law enforcement.

Station codes and baggage handling are shown below.  You would not want to see what happens to baggage at airports.  While working at John Wayne Ariport some years ago, I watched a ground employee throw a piece of baggage under a plane.  This is in no way a comment on Amtrak baggage handling.
Railroads are dangerous places and safety is extremely important.  Come to think of it, imagine working as a land surveyor pounding a nail in asphalt with automobiles moving by at 35 miles per hour only 5 feet away.  Trains are large objects that create their own wind which can suck you towards it.  Stay behind the line while on a station platform.


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