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Glacier Discovery

Alaska Railroad Glacier Discovery Train

and Prince William Sound Blackstone Bay Glacier Cruise

June 24, 2005
Copyright 2005 by Richard Elgenson

The Friday June 24 edition of the Alaska Railroad Glacier Discovery train was its usual old self on this day.  Prior to departure from Anchorage it looked as follows.



After one half mile or less, the track briefly meets the Turnagain Arm of the Cook Inlet.


The railroad line warps inland for about 10 miles to south Anchorage.  Along that portion, a truck was spotted fouling the Klatt Road intersection.  Below right is the Cross Road crossing where I captured the special Glacier Discovery the prior day.


Below left is the meadow where I photographed the lengthy Glacier Discovery the day before.  There are plenty of mosquitos and other biting insects out there.  Below right, in the larger thumbnail, look for a dragon fly in the cloud.




Above left, Mount Redoubt is visible many miles away.  On the right, the Glacier Discovery pulls into the Potter's Marsh siding to allow the first Cruise Train to meet.  This train utilizes standard low level coaches.



Above right, Conductor Mark Bear watches his train back onto the mainline after the meet.  Below right, Engineer Dennis Bouwens waits to throw the switch while Fireman Bill Bivins backs the train.


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