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Trainweb Trip to Santa Barbara

Aboard Holland America McKinley Explorer Ultra Dome Cars

April 7, 2003
Copyright 2007 by Richard Elgenson

The parking lot is for the Ventura County Fairgrounds.  The bridges cross the Ventura River.  A harsh winter flood caused one of the truss bridge spans to be washed into the river.  Union Pacific replaced the span with a deck bridge.


The Santa Barbara Channel is between the north American mainland and the 5 channel islands.  In my college days at University of California Santa Barbara, I could only remember the island names by using an acronym, ACRM  The islands are Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and San Miguel and make up Channel Islands National Park.  Santa Cruz Island is 25 miles offshore from Ventura and Santa Barbara.  I finally got to go there in early 2006.


The railroad parallels Highway 101 along the coastline for 30 or 40 miles.



This portion of the coastline is very popular with recreational vehicle owners and surfers.



Chris Guenzler speaking with Jack Shaw.





Below left, Shivam Surve, Steve Grande, Chris Guenzler and Doug Stephens.  Below right, Ray Burns, Richard Elgenson, Chris Guenzler and Doug Stephens.


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