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Orange County Incidents and Accidents Orange January 2003 Page 2

Incidents and Accidents...2003...Orange, CA

Janary 7, 2003

Story and Photographs Copyright 2005 by Richard Elgenson, RailNews Network


Above are closeup photographs of the involved passenger automobile.  The force of the train hitting the downed wires completely destroyed the closest crossbucks, warning lights and gates.  Somehow the car got flipped over.  The driver had exited the car.


Later in the day, Metrolink personnel began reinstalling the crossing warning devices which had been knocked down.  Most of the equipment had to be replaced.




The BNSF local freight did its northbound passage while a Metrolink truck backed down to Main Street where more crossing warning devices needed attention.  Batavia Street remained closed for about a week.  Southern California Edison replaced all of the broken poles and eventually replaced the asphalt around the poles with concrete.  I have been up and down Batavia Street hundreds of times and will never forget the Santa Ana winds which helped close vehicular traffic for so long.

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