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McCloud Railway Motorcar Excursion Page 3

McCloud Railway Motorcar Excursion

Burney, California

June 3-4, 2006


The track was in a condition to make the journey a slow and careful one.  At several locations, ties had wheel flange damage between the rails for thousands of feet.  I wondered where the outside wheel was riding.  They were so far out, they damaged concrete at a crossing



The culvert below had been recently replaced.  The old pipe was still visible inside the curve on the ground.




One of my jobs was to flag following cars in case of certain conditions such as road crossings and track defects.  We finally arrived at Curtis and parked the car, got out, flagged cars behind us in a curve, took a potty break (boys on the right, girls on the left), and walked up the track to the derailment site.  For all derailment site pictures click here.



The underbelly views of the centerbeam car allow for understanding of rail car braking systems.  The inventors of this type of system used rods, levers and fulcrums to their advantage to brake heavy loads.



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