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Operation Lifesaver Riverside CA May 2004 Page 3

Operation Lifesaver "Officer-on-a-train" Page 3

Downtown Riverside, California May 24, 2004

By Richard Elgenson, RailNews Network


The danger of a large truck on the tracks is potential for disaster.  The flashers and bells may have started while the trash truck was already in the right-of-way.

In another instance, a construction pick-up used the railroad crossing gates while they were down to cross in front of the special train.  Note that there is 35 minutes elapsed between the below two pictures.


Chicago Avenue is situated northerly of the end of a curve heading east less than 1/4 mile from the 60 Freeway.  In the third photograph below left, at least two people are present on or near the right-of-way.  The first is likely one of the landscapers and is found on the outside of the curve just left of the right signal support.  The second worker is possibly a utility or railroad maintenance-of-way personnel.  He is visible to the right of the right signal support and left of the crossbuck standing on a pile of rail.  In the third photograph below, the signal is yellow over lunar.  I overheard the train crew commenting on this combination.



Sometimes two streets intersect just left or right of the tracks as at Spruce Street and Kansas Avenue.  In the morning, the O.L. train passed a BNSF high-rail vehicle.  In the later morning, a motorcycle officer pauses for the train to go by. 


The eastward limit of the Riverside Officer-On-A-Train was here, just short of the Interstate 215 undercrossing.

The event ended with reassembling of the patrol officers and the Southern California Rail Safety Team who compared notes and finalized their tally of violators.

With the event over, the train was then released from its work and started to make its way back to Los Angeles.

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