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Operation Lifesaver February 16, 2005 Page 3

Operation Lifesaver "Officer-on-a-train"

Fullerton, California

February 16, 2005

Story and photographs by Richard Elgenson
RailNewsNetwork writer


The Operation Lifesaver special "officer-on-a-train" was then run back to Fullerton with the Union Pacific SD-70 #5109 leading the way and Metrolink engineer Rick Rodriguez at the controls.



The track in the upper right and below photographs which splits off to the left is the Olive Subdivision, formerly owned by the Santa Fe Railway, sold along with the Surfline (Fullerton Junction to San Diego) to the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA) which runs the Metrolink commuter service trains.  The San Diego County portion of the Surfline is owned by the North Coast Transit District (NCTD) which runs Coaster commuter trains from Oceanside to San Diego.  Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway still runs local and long distance freight trains into Orange County and San Diego.




The below two photographs show an industrial portion of Fullerton.  On the left side, Valencia Drive has a lot of truck traffic.


The below right photograph shows Fullerton Junction, where the Surfline splits off the BNSF mainline and goes all the way to San Diego and the Mexican border.


At Fullerton Station, the Operation Lifesaver train paused for about an hour and the law enforcement authorities tallied up the results of the day's exercise.  According to Metrolink Sheriff Steve Smith,  84 violations were witnessed by the law enforcement authorities.  19 violators were caught tresspassing on railroad property.  51 citations were issued to motorists.  Of the vehicular violations, 4 motorists were written up who had run the highway-rail grade crossing under descending gates those being a city bus, a trash truck and a pick-up.

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