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Sierra Railroad RailFan Photo Train

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At the last stop and run by, we pulled up to an old wye track which lacked certain essential elements such as switch stands.  There was also an out of service passing track, so this train was either going to back up or find a serviceable passing track.




They shoved the train about 2 miles to the suitable location, stopped, disconnected and reconnected the engine.  We, on the other hand stayed in our seats enjoying one another's company.  Other railfans did exit to try for that impossible reflection shot of the locomotive going by.  Eventually, our conversation reached the point of Seinfeldesque with the subject of doughnuts and other important railway matters such as expert commentary on the spectacle going on outside our parked train car. 


Soon, the train moved forward again pulled by the Geep and we reached the Oakdale depot  at 2 PM.  Few people complained about this except for the nearby passenger who had a plane reservation to Southern California which was going to be a close call.  We had driven, so we simply left.  The views provided by this ride on the Sierra Railroad are mostly bucolic farmland in rural central California.  Springtime is a wonderful time visit the Oakdale area as everything is green.  A pretty train, the scenic country and good company all add up to a fantastic experience.

Want to ride on the Sierra Railroad?  Just click here.  The Sierra Railroad has a full calendar of trains to suit many tastes from dinner to rail and rafting.  The food was good which means the prospect of a return trip is good.  Thanks Sierra Railroad!

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