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Alameda Corridor Trip to ICTF Page 2

Alameda Corridor Trip to ICTF

February 24, 2007
Copyright 2007 by Richard Elgenson



Only one train was ahead of us at a stop south of the trench.


Below left, Alameda Street on the west side of the Alameda Corridor. 


Above right and below left, the Los Angeles MTA Blue Line crosses over the Alameda Corridor while Alameda Street crosses under the corridor.  Below right, one crew member of the stopped intermodal train was standing outside his locomotive.




Other UP power was at the north end of Dolores yard waiting for their next assignments.


The plan for the Tour train was to enter the Dolores Yard and make its way into the ICTF terminal.  This involved crossing over to the easternmost track next to Alameda Street which is now on the east side of the railroad.


One BNSF manifest freight with 9 locomotives was waiting for northbound corridor travel on a Dolores track.  


The Tour train slowly made its way southbound, then under the Interstate 405 Freeway and into the Intermodel Container Transfrer Facility where the crew tied down the train.  Then the unexpected happened when Mr. Barnes invited me to stay for dinner which took place in the City of  Portland dome.  After this relaxing dining experience (as you know, what happens on a Union Pacific passenger train stays on the train), I took the opportunity to photograph the Green locomotives again using flash and the lighting at ICTF.  Those photographs are on the individual locomotive pages.

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