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Grey Iron Foundry  (just a start... much more to come)
See a 3D animation of the cupola or click on the  image (600k bytes)

View the still images of the cupola animation

This cuopla is made from a 50 gallon water heater tank.  It is 18" OD 10" ID and can melt up to 45# of grey iron every 5 to 10 minutes. Constructed with nearly 350# of refractory lining and another 150# of steel .  Draft is induced by high pressure air in the two nozles on the top of each hot air return pipe or into the caped ends at the "T" or by blowing low pressure air into the bottom of the heat exchanger at the back.  The caps are removable to clear or inspect the tuyere.  The hot air is drawn through the upper section by the two draft inducers then entering the tuyeres through the two "T"'s.

The tap hole is seen in the front, slag hole in the back.

The drop bottom allows the clearing of a charge. 

A sand bottom must be built on the door and refractory lining on the tap hole and slag spouts.
10 inch cupola
Exploded view of the cupola parts

exploded view 10 inch cupola
Construction photos and instructions comming soon.....

Plans for the furnace will be here soon....2/18/2005, Chuck

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