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Riverview & Twin Lakes Rairoad Layout Master plan for 25,000 foot 1/4 scale 15" gauge layout

The above is a 5 year plan for the layout.  Real size of above map is 2500 feet E-W, height 1500 feet N-S

As of fall 2005 about 1/5 of the master plan is laid and running
2011 update: Other projects have sidetracked me.... but have completed an additional 300' of track in the south end along the east pond

Track Layout and Railroad development plans:

The layout plan (long term)
   a)  5400's (1 of out and back track to Southeast overlook of the 48s acre lake.  The overlook runs 2800's along the rim of a 45's drop off  to lake.
b) Build a 56's long 20's high trestle bridge.(shown in image on main page)
   c) Build the 96's long 28's high trestle bridge.(DONE!)
   d) Design and build a 3" scale replica of the GE25 yard switcher.(running but not finished)
   e) Design and build a 3" scale 40's double hopper car. (finished!)
   f) Design and build a 3" acale 40's flat car.
   g) Construct a 80's engine house to house the GE25 and one car.
   h) Complete the iron foundry and black smith shop. (building is up and furnace is ready for lining)
   i) Finish improvements to machine shop to include wood working shop in the upper floor

   j) Complete an additional 20,000's of track 2/3 way around the 48s acre East lake, 4000's West to the 136s acre West lake.  A grade up onto the dam of the West lake, extending 3200's along the top of the dam then returning East to close the loop.
   k) Build 80's turn table.
   l) Build an additional engine house and shed for rolling stock connected to the turn table.
   m) Design and build the 3" scale Shay steam engine (some design work has been done) .

 Note: (1  An "S" after a distance stands for layout dimenstions stated in scale feet, 3":foot.