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Riverview & Twin Lakes Railroad 15 gauge 3 scale
Riverview & Twin Lakes Railroad

A 15" gauge 3" scale Shay project status
located near Riverton Wyoming.

This page will be updated as the project progresses.

Below are images of the 3D cad drawings being created for the construction of the 32 foot hopper car..

Right click on image and view to enlarge. 

32' Hopper care 3 scale
32' 3" scale 15" gauge Hopper car

archbar car truck
  Up and running,  here loading the hopper with the backhoe. Have ballasted about 500 feet of track in the last few days.
Also have  hauled abut 2 yards to fix a washout on a  8 foot  long 3 foot high fill. The rock will take the water better than
the dirt I used the first time.

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Foot Note s) layout dimenstions are stated in scale feet, 3":foot scale.
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