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Southern Pacific 5021

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     Locomotive number 5021 is the only remaining member of a group of forty nine 4-10-2 Southern Pacific type engines which were built between 1925 and 1927 for both passenger and freight service, primarily for use on the line from Sacramento to Reno.  The long driving wheelbase proved detrimental to the rails on that line and all of the locomotives were subsequently assigned to other portions of the system, ranging from Portland, Oregon all the way to the end of Southern Pacific's Coast Lines which terminated at El Paso, Texas.
     The last years of number 5021's  career were spent in service largely in Oregon where she was assigned to the Portland Division, remaining in operation until 1955.  On March 8, 1956 the locomotive was donated to the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society for display at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds.  Number 5021 is one of only four 3-cylinder steam locomotives know to exist in the United States.

Road class:                  SP-2                                        Tractive effort of engine:               84,200 pounds
Built:                            Alco-Schenectady 1926           Tractive effort of booster engine:  12,340 pounds
Construction number:     66793                                      Tractive effort total:                      96,540 pounds
Weight on drivers:        317,500 pounds                       Road class of tender:                    160-C-2
Weight light:                 395,700 pounds                       Capacity of water tank:                 16,152 gallons
Weight loaded:             445,000 pounds                       Capacity of oil tank:                      4,912 gallons
Diameter of drivers:      63 1/2"                                     Weight of tender empty:                119,000 pounds
Bore and stroke of inside cylinder:                                 Weight of tender loaded:               292,700 pounds
                                    25 x 28"                                    Serial number of tender:                8848
Bore and stroke of outside cylinders:
                                    25 x 32"
Boiler pressure:            225 pounds

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Chapter collection

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