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Union Pacific "Big Boy" 4014

Southern California Chapter
Railway and Locomotive Historical Society


Detail Pictures

Donated by the Union Pacific Railroad in January, 1962, locomotive 4014 is a proud  addition to the Southern California Chapter's impressive display of locomotives.  Number 4014 is a 4-8-8-4 type.  It is the heaviest single expansion steam locomotive ever built, weighing over one million pounds in working order. The 4014 is articulated because of its great length, that is, the forward pony trucks and drive wheels swivel independently of the boiler and rear drivers when rounding curves.  "Big Boy" was designed for heavy, fast freight trains and was used between Ogden, Utah and Cheyenne, Wyoming.  It was retired in 1959 after only 18 years of service; a comparatively short life for a steam locomotive.


Steam Pressure:               300 lbs                                    Maximum tractive effort:          135,375 lbs. 
Total Weight:                   approx. 600 tons                     Coal capacity:                          28 tons
Firebox:                           96 in by 235 in.                       Maximum horsepower:             6290
Length:                            139 ft., 9 7/8 in.                      Water capacity:                          24,000 gallons
Fuel:                                soft coal                                  Top speed:                               70 mph
Driving wheel diameter:    68 in.

The Scoop

Big Boy Photo Gallery

4014 at Laramie, Wyoming - R.H. Kindig Collection 

Chapter Collection 

Made in the shade - a good day for looking at 4014 

On display in Pomona, Dec 1998 

A Detail Shot 

Close up 

A full side view of the Big Boy in all its glory- This is our first experiment with a digital camera.  Enjoy!!

   Backhead in full
This was another first try.  We will retake and repost with better
lighting.  Look for another shot, in the near future, with labels.  Enjoy!!

Here she comes!

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