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Jeff's Triple Crown RoadRailer Home Page

Jeff's Triple Crown® RoadRailer® Home Page

Welcome to the Triple Crown RoadRailer Home Page. A page for Triple Crown RoadRailer modelers and railfans brought to you by Jeff Cole. Please Note: This page is the personal home page of Jeff Cole; it is not affiliated with, sponsored nor supported by Triple Crown Services, Norfolk Southern Corporation, Conrail, or Bowser Manufacturing. Information and photos from this page should not be used without permission and/or proper credit.


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The Prototype

History                    Pictures

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The HO Model


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Made in the USA



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Ready to Run


More on the Model

Please check out my Wanted Page.  Paying premium prices for cars.


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1/8 Scale RoadRailer

1/8 Scale

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RoadRailer Swap & Shop

List Roadrailers Available for Trade or Sale

Swap & Shop

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