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Fullerton RR Days 2016

Fullerton Railroad Days 2016

April 30 & May 1


Robin Bowers

Text and Photos by Author
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    At our April meeting of the Fullerton train riders meet-up group, we discussed the upcoming Fullerton Railroad Days 2016 this weekend. Train Day is usually held around the first or second weekend of May. There was not going to be a Train Day at Los Angeles Union Station this year, so the Fullerton event would be the only local Train Day celebration.

    I had made a commitment to help clean up a storeroom at a non-profit in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday April 30. So I planned to attend the Train Day on Sunday and talked with several other meet-up folks about getting together on Sunday afternoon and staying late to watch the firing up of ATSF 3751 for its run back to the yard at Los Angeles. Also at our Monday night meeting, we found out that our meeting place, Knowlwood Fullerton had closed and went out of business so we needed to find a new meeting place. We choose to go to the Santa Fe Cafe next to the Fullerton Amtrak station. We gathered on the patio and watched the trains coming and going by the station. We could also watch eastbound Southwest Chief (#4) at its Fullerton stop which is about 35 minutes after departing Los Angeles.

    Several days before Saturday I was informed that help was needed from 2-4 PM. The rest of times had sufficient help for the 10-2 spots. As I was planing to use Metrolink's Saturday all day pass to go to Los Angeles, I could stop at Fullerton for a couple of hours and resume my trip to Los Angeles. This would eliminate a drive to Fullerton on Sunday. I would take the same train to Los Angeles that I planned to take to be up there at 10AM but with a stop over in Fullerton.

    Saturday I was at the Santa Ana station to board the Metrolink 661 at 9:12 AM and arrived in Fullerton at 9:29AM. Walking along the platform I heard my name called and turned to see Chris Guenzler who was on the same train having boarded in Oceanside. We joined up and waked to the entrance of Fullerton Train Day. We separated and took our pictures.

rr days

program welcome

    There was a huge crowd and long queue to tour BNSF Loco #4279 cab, vintage rail cars and two cabooses. I decided to pass on this because I had done it in past years.





For a small donation you can climb up and into the 3751 cab.










You're never too young to watch trains.





A family portrait in the making.


Disneyland engine.


Amtrak bus with wheelchair lift.


The lift folds up and fits into small slot. Very clever.

     The next stop was at the Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad booth along with Walt's Barn. Had a nice chat with the representative and again put these two places on my list of places to visit. And soon.






    Now it is time to enter the big tent and see the small trains. Enjoy.

















Fullerton station in the past.

    Exiting the big tent and the grounds and then through the station's breezeway to the platform elevator, I went up and across to the southbound platform and to track 4. Walking along track 4, I was trying to get another point of view of the big stars of the show.







    Walking back to the north end of the platform, I saw Chris and walked over asking where he was headed to which he relied Oceanside and then back to Santa Ana to get some mileage out of that Saturday pass. He suggested that if I was done with Train Day, I should ride down to Oceanside with him and get off at Irvine and then wait for the returning train twenty minutes later. It would be the same train I would board in Fullerton. I thought that a twenty minute layover would give me time to stop at the little snack shop at the Irvine station for a bite. So at 11:18AM, Chris and I boarded Metrolink train #662 heading to Oceanside.

    Shortly after Anaheim, Chris said that he would be getting off in Santa Ana and going home as he had his train fix for the day. The deputy sheriffs were riding on our train checking for tickets or passes and I showed them my pass. Arriving at Irvine, both deputies and I left the train and I walked over to the snack shop only to find it was dark and closed. Bummer. So it was I and the deputies around the candy bar machine looking for out nutritional substance. The snack shop, when open, is part doughnut and part Chinese carry out. The outside dining area is a good place to sit, eat and watch trains. As I entered the elevator I was joined by one of the deputies for the ride to the bridge. Near 12:10PM train # 666 arrived in Irvine. And I got checked for my fare again by same deputy, twice.

    At 12:41 PM we stopped in Fullerton and it was my second time here today. Shorty after, I was crossing over the Los Angeles River and nearing Union Station, arriving on time at 1:35PM. It was a quick trip downstairs to the Metro Red Line platform and I tapped Metrolink pass on the Metro turnstile. It said "Welcome" and I went down to the platform and took the next train, getting off at the Pershing Square Station. Walking up Hill Street, I stopped at Taco House # 1 and ordered a steak torta. Finishing my sandwich, I then walked to Third Street and to my work place for the next several hours. Finishing up our work near 4:00PM, I will be able to make the 4:40 PM Metrolink train.


Angel's Flight on Hill Street between Third and Fourth Streets.
They haven't moved in years. Shameful.
    Walking back to the 4th Street station, I was again welcomed when I tapped my Metrolink pass. Arriving at Union Station, I went upstairs to the East Portal and to the Metrolink platforms. Finding the train 666 on the information board, I walked to correct track. The train was there but not boarding. While waiting saw this freight engine on point of a Metrolink train.



    Then the doors opened and there was a mad scramble as everyone got settled. Departure was on time and 30 minutes later I was again in Fullerton, third time today.
    At 5:30 PM I was in Santa Ana and walking to my car.

    It was a very good train day. Lots of different trains and most of the day spent riding on the trains.

        Thanks for reading.

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Text and Photos by Author
The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author's consent.

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