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Promontory Summit - 150 years

Adventurers in Utah for Spike 150

 Promontory Summit - 150 years later

A Sesquicentennial

Chapter Nine

A Promontory Summit Celebration Day

 May 10, 2019



Robin Bowers

Text and Photos by Author

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    Our day started for Chris and I by walking to JB's Restaurant and meeting Bob and Elizabeth for the breakfast buffet which we all enjoyed. Afterwards I attended my first safety meeting as I was going to be a NHRS bus host for one one of our eight buses going to Promontory Sesquicentennial Event. This was my initial opportunity to be a bus host - part conductor, doorman and tour guide. The buses arrived in front of the hotel and we boarded the crowd. As we traveled north on I-15, I made the announcements of needed information. Estimate crowd size ranged from 20,000 to 50,000 with over 80 buses bringing people plus the ones arriving in private autos so we didn't want to lose any fellow conventioneers here in this extremely isolated and basically in the middle of nowhere place.


Road to Promontory Summit with the Visitors Center building on far right.



After leaving our bus we found our way to the seating area the NRHS was able to reserve for us. We could hear and watch events on a couple of large TV screens even though we were in the peanut gallery.



img 21

img 22



It is not so much seeing but just being part of this crowd is what we will have in our memory.


Approximately 600 people were gathered here 150 years ago.


After the ceremony there were vendors and exhibitors to see and visit.



I did not have much time for sightseeing as my bus was #3 for loading.  However, but I needed not worry as fifty five buses passed by before our bus arrived. When we were full we then departed.


While waiting for our bus, the military at 1300hrs put on a show to celebrate this sesquicentennial.




A hundred-fifty  years of history. From the Iron Horse to the Aluminum Bird. 

    The road back to I-15 was stop and go with the heavy traffic. Once we reached I-15 the traffic picked up for the trip to Salt Lake and our hotel. After the bus emptied I made a double check for any items left behind. Finding no lost items I gathered my paper work and returned it to the convention headquarters. Then I returned to the hotel room. The cold was attacking my sore throat and it had been a long day so I decided to retire for the day for tomorrow Chris and I would ride the Heber Railroad for a second time.  

Thanks for reading.
Tomorrow - Heber Valley Historic Railroad

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Text and Photos by Author, Robin Bowers

The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author's consent

Comments are appreciated