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Portland Traction

Portland Traction - PRTD

Portland (UP Jct) - Golf Jct, OR (5.29 miles)
Golf Jct - Oregon City (Canemah Park), OR (9.27 miles)
Golf Jct - Lents Jct - Linneman Jct - Boring - Cazadero, OR (31.44 miles)
Linneman Jct - Ruby Jct - Gresham - Bull Run, OR (16.03 miles)
Portland, OR
Junctions with other railroads:
Radio frequencies:
-Line to Boring built c.1903.
-Gresham - Bull Run abandoned around 1925.
-PRTD incorporated in 1930 to take over railroad operations of the Portland Electric Power Co.
-Boring - Cazadero section abandoned in 1940.
-Streetcar operations ended in 1950, and passenger service discontinued in 1958.
-Line acquired by SP & UP in 1962.
-Golf Jct - Oregon City line was abandoned in 1968 due to bad bridge over the Clackamas River. However, the property remained under their ownership.
-Golf Jct - Lents Jct portion was extensivly rebuilt in the 1970s at SP's expense to become a major industrial branch.
-In 1984, the Ruby Jct - Gresham portion of the Bull Run branch was abandoned to provide space for a light-rail line. Linneman Jct - Ruby Jct section was used to deliver light-rail cars to shops at Ruby Jct. Entire branch later abandoned.
-Golf Jct - Boring section torn up in 1989.
-In 1990, the remaining route was put up for sale by SP. The line from about a mile east of Golf Jct was sold to the City of Portland for $3 million for conversion to a bike path. EPTC purchased the remainder of the line.
-Remainder of railroad abandoned in 1991. PRTD made its last run on November 1, 1991.
-Property between Golf Jct and Gladstone was possibly sold for conversion to another bike path.
UP (stills owns abandoned right-of-way)
Unit Bldr. Model B/D B/N F/N History Acq. Ret. Notes
100 EMD SW1 2/1952 16899 6399-1 acquired new 1952 1991 to EPTC 100, 1991; to OPR 100, 1997
200 EMD SW1 3/1953 17709 4210-1 acquired new 1953 ? to Harvest States Co-op 200 (Superior, WI); to Cenex Harvest States 200 (Superior, WI); to CHS Cooperatives 200 (Superior, WI)


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