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Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
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Railfan Pictures of the Week - Throwback Thursday - 7/2/2020
Amtrak Northeast Corridor 30th Street Station Philadelphia PA September 1993
A typical sampling of Amtrak power on a sunny afternoon in Philadelphia included electrics AEM-7 AMTK 931 to the left, AMTK 943 on the Race Street pit track, E60MA AMTK 608 and AMTK 609 with both pans up, diesels GP7 AMTK 778, GP9 AMTK 765 and a few other unidentified brethren including a switcher, as well as transients such as ballast hoppers and long time inhabitants like Budd Metroliner AMTK 822.
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