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Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 12/08/2019

If you have been following the railroad scene on the Bethlehem Branch over the past 20+ years, you have probably heard of Rich Pattison. Rich was a founding member of the Lansdale Rails Yahoogroup, in fact his was the first informational post back on January 5 2002. From his home in Wyncote, Rich practically had the railroad running in his backyard (click here for the view) and he kept track of the comings and goings with meticulous detail, providing times and car counts for trains that were running past his house when most of us were sound asleep. Rich was infamous for the spotlight he would shine out his window at the sides of the passing freight trains at night as he recorded engine and car numbers. You would think that the crews might take issue with his activities, but in reality many of them became his friends.

Many of us in the railfan community were saddened to learn that Rich passed away this week. K3ACR has signed off for the last time. He will be missed.

And he will be remembered, here are a couple more photo essays featuring Rich's photography: the 2008 Phillies Parade trains and National Train Day 2008 at Cheltenham.

Pennsylvania Northeastern Railroad Lansdale Yard and SEPTA Lansdale Station Lansdale PA November 18, 19, 20 and 23 2019

The third in a series regarding the changes around the Lansdale Cluster.

PN L160 shifting the yard, as it does most days.

Power for the job was Tiger Lady SD40-2W PN 5342 and newcomer SD60 PN 8701.
The next day finds a visitor in the form of a former Reading Company MU converted to a coach, sitting next to the power.
That evening, W230 pulls out off the yard on Station Track 1 with all three engines and the coach.
For the move to work Lansdale Warehouse on the Doylestown Branch, SEPTA was kind enough to put them in the system, as displayed at 9th Street.
After picking up a few box cars, W230 ran straight down to Glenside for the reverse move up to Warminster with the coach destined for New Hope.
The PN power resting in the yard that weekend.
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