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Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week
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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 8/30/2020
Pennsylvania Northeastern Bethlehem Branch Lansdale, Hatfield and Telford PA June and August 2020

Looking forward to getting out and about soon, but for now, more shots of PN L160.

PN L160 is usually powered by the twins, SD60 PN 8701 and 8711, here bringing back a couple cold ones as well as a couple Railboxes on August 3 2020. Sometimes they are pulling ...

and sometimes they are pushing, as with these tank cars they are shoving to the Orvilla Siding.
And sometimes they shove all the way to Telford as they did on August 7 2020.
Sometimes they bring along a friend such as SD40-2W PN 5342 on June 29 2020.
Sometimes they split up and work with the W230 power as they did on June 8 2020 where PN 5342 led north ...
with PN 8701 pushing.
Sometimes the twins take a day off and let PN 5342 and C39-8 PN 8212 do all the work like they did on August 17 2020.
When the work is light like on August 28 2020, a single engine will suffice ...
but no matter what, they always seem to have a ball.
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