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East Broad Top Railroad Gifs

East Broad Top Railroad

Huntington County, Pennsylvania is home to a real railroading gem - the East Broad Top Railroad. The EBT is the last narrow gauge railroad (3 foot gauge) east of the Rockies and the oldest surviving Narrow Gauge railroad in America. The line closed in 1956 and was sold for scrap. The line laid dormant until 1960 when a portion was reactivated for the Orbisonia, PA Centennial. More info on this gem can be found at the Unofficial EBT Website and the Friends of the East Broad Top for details. If you'd like to use any of these gifs, e-mail to let me know where they are. Thanks.

Steam Locomotives

- 2-8-2 Mikado - No's 12, 14-18 - 2003 Dan MacKellar

Freight Cars

Wooden Caboose - 2003 Dan MacKellar
Steel Boxcar - 2003 Dan MacKellar
Tank Car - 2003 Dan MacKellar
Steel 3 Bay Hopper - 2003 Dan MacKellar

Passenger Cars

"Orbisonia" Parlour Car - 2003 Dan MacKellar
Combine - 2003 Dan MacKellar
Passenger Coach

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