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I initially started drawing these locomotives when I saw Michael Eby's drawings at TRAINIAX. I was a big fan of the Railroad Paintshop, and found Trainiax through that site. Mr. Eby has a large number of both blank and painted drawings on his site drawn both by him and other contributors. I looked through the "Wanted" list, and saw that somebody wanted an NF110. I had plans for one, drew it according to the specifications for 1:55 drawings (16.2 pixels/foot or 1.35 pixels/inch). I finally decided to host my drawings on this site, but some can also be found at Trainiax. Feel free to browse my drawings as well as check out Trainiax. You won't be disappointed.

If you wish to use them on your website, please drop me a line below. Thank you.

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Steam Locomotives


Diesel Locomotives

Alco/MLW Diesel Locomotives
EMD/GMD Diesel Locomotives
General Electric Diesel Locomotives

Self Propelled Equipment/Railcars

Motor Cars

Rolling Stock

Passenger Cars
Freight Cars

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