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Milwaukee Road Gifs

The Milwaukee Road

The Milwaukee Road was famous for its big electrics as well as the 'Hiawatha' Streamliners. For some excellent drawings of the 'Hiawathas', please visit Justin Nelson's Site. More (Including steam and diesels) will be coming up here shortly, in the meantime, enjoy the Electrics. All Drawings here are 2003 Dan MacKellar unless otherwise noted.

Diesel Locomotives

- EMD SDL39 - No. 581-590 - Black & Orange - Left

Electric Locomotives

EF-3 Boxcab - Black & Orange - Left
EF-3 Boxcab - Black & Orange - Right
- 'Little Joe' - Orange & Black Scheme
- 'Little Joe' - Orange & Maroon Scheme
- Bi-Polar - Olympian Hiawatha Scheme