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CNR/Newfoundland Railway Gifs

Canadian National/Newfoundland Railway

Newfoundland - Canada's Tenth province was host to the Newfoundland Railway prior to 1949. When it was brought into Confederation, one of the stipulations was that Canadian National take over the 42" gauge Newfoundland Railway. Crawling over the province, the line was home to the 'Caribou', or as it was better known, the "Newfie Bullet". Home to diminutive 4-6-2's and 2-8-2's, Newfoundland also played host to GMD G8's, G12's and the "Mutant Geep" NF110 and NF210 models. It was truly unique, but unique couldn't save it. The last train ran in Newfoundland in 1988.

CNR/NR Steam Locomotives

- BLW J8b Class 4-6-2
- BLW R2c Class 2-8-2

CNR/TerraTransport Diesel Locomotives

Original Green Scheme

- GMD G8

TerraTransport Scheme

- GMD NF-110 - TerraTransport Paint

Passenger Cars

CNR Green Paint

Heavyweight Baggage Car
Heavyweight Passenger Coach
- Heavyweight Diner

CNR Post 1961 Black/White Scheme

Streamlined Passenger Coach