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Spokane, Portland & Seattle Gifs

Spokane, Portland & Seattle

The Spokane, Portland & Seattle was one of the four 'Hill Roads' owned by James J. Hill. THese were the SP&S, the Great Northern, Northern Pacific and Chicago, Burlington & Quincy. These roads were all merged under the Burlington Northern banner in 1970. The SP&S had a mostly ALCo roster with some EMD's including one E7A. Feel free to use these on your websites, just please e-mail to let me know where they are. Thanks.

Steam Locomotives

- Baldwin E1 Class 4-8-4 - No's 700-702

Diesel Locomotives

ALCo Units

- ALCo FA1 - Tan & Green Livery
ALCo FB1 - Tan & Green Livery
- ALCo RS3 - Tan & Green Livery
- ALCo C424 - Tan & Green Livery
- ALCo C425 - Tan & Green Livery
- ALCo C636 - Tan & Green Livery

EMD Units

- EMD E7A No. 750 - Tan & Green Livery

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