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IMPORTANT NOTICE - our local message board has been discontinued; we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. To view or distribute messages to RRISIG members, please use one or both of the newsgroups linked below. -Ed.

RRISIG has teamed with two popular newsgroups that are ideally suited for conveying information to RRISIG members and web site visitors. eGroups (now part of Yahoo®) has a FREE online message editing and distribution utility available on a subscription basis. You may join as many eGroups as you wish, and you have the option of specifying how you want to view the distributed messages for a given thread (via email, visiting the eGroup's website, etc.); you can even start a new eGroup of your own!

This page is currently linked to the following two eGroup threads:

  • Railway Industrial Operations - discusses railroading (primarily operations) in a broad range of industrial settings
  • Steel - focuses on railroading in iron and steel manufacturing

Numerous eGroup threads exist that may be of interest to industrial modelers. However, these links were chosen because they are heavily subscribed with frequent message postings, i.e., SIG members are more likely to be found in one or the other of these two groups.

We believe that by using the eGroups capability a wider audience will receive a given message in a much quicker time frame.