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The Railroads of York, Pennsylvania

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Welcome to my Railroads of York, Pennsylvania web site.

Ever since the construction of the Northern Central Railway's line into York in 1837-38, York County has had an active railroad infrastructure.

York was a hub city, connecting towns such as Baltimore, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Gettysburg and others. York's rich industrial complex made it a destination of many railroads as part of their goal to reach other areas. The Susquehanna River and it's canal system, the Pennsylvania coal fields, the Great Lakes and other distant cities were all reached by railroads passing through York.

By having York on their systems, these railroads were able to operate to gain capital to expand their lines. York County goods carried by rail included furniture, milk, Peach Bottom slate and marble, cigars, farm products, agricultural machinery and more. In addition, passenger service and postal contracts added to the railroads' income.

This page is devoted to railroading and railfanning in and around York, Pennsylvania. I plan to preserve some of the history of railroading in York County, and present some information on current railroads operating in the greater York area. The site will contain photos from my digital camera, and scans of photos, documents, postcards and other items.

On November 12, 2003, I established a Railroads of York Yahoo Group for interested persons to discuss railroading in and around York. If you are interested in joining the list, either click to link at the top of the left column, or point your browser to

Although I have much more to do to this site, I hope that those of you that have visited before enjoy the new look of the site. I moved the site from FortuneCity since their graphics processing was resulting in people seeing their default graphic instead of my images. Requests for assistance from them were ignored. If bookmarking the site, please use the URL, which will always point to the current site location.

If you are looking for specific information on railroading in York, drop me a note and I'll try to provide the info for you.

Please bear with me as I continue to develop this site, it will be a "work in progress" for quite some time, and hopefully will be a constantly evolving and regularly updated web site.

Some links and pages may not be active at this time.

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