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Gone, not Forgotten

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Gone, not Forgotten

One of the ways that I am trying to preserve the history of railroading in York County is by collecting photos and postcards depicting various railroad scenes in York County. Although some of these images depict railroads or railroad buildings and structures that still exist in the present day, others depict rail lines, stations and structures that are long gone, but not forgotten. Images of some of these structures appear below.

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Castle Fin stationCastle Fin station - Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad
Nestled on the hillside along Muddy Creek, the Castle Fin station once stood along the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad. This appears to have once been a busy station, as there are a number of items sitting on the platform, and a few milk cans sit on the ground. Note the semaphore signal hanging from the roof overhang.

Cly station and towerCly station and tower - Northern Central Railway
Along the current Norfolk Southern's Enola Branch sits the village of Cly, along the west bank of the Susquehanna River. Both now gone, the Cly station and tower once stood along these tracks.

Dallastown stationDallastown station - Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad
Rail freight once made it's way to Dallastown by way of Relay station, where it was hauled over the hill to Dallastown. When the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad constructed the Dallastown branch, the station pictured here served the town.

Dillsburg stationDillsburg station - railroad unknown
I recently picked up this photo postcard of this station in Dillsburg. It does not appear to be the station building that currently stands in Dillsburg, so I'm not really sure what railroad this station served. The car on the left leads me to believe this was some sort of interurban line, but at this point I have no further information.

Fawn Grove stationFawn Grove station - New Park & Fawn Grove Railroad
I recently acquired this beautiful photo postcard of a depot in Fawn Grove, home of the New Park & Fawn Grove Railroad, which was eventually operated and acquired by the Stewartstown Railkroad. I have no further information on this depot at this time.

High Rock stationHigh Rock station - Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad
Sitting along the north branch of Muddy Creek is the village of High Rock. This combination station and general store once stood along the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad. It looks like most of High Rock's inhabitants turned out for this photo.

New Park stationNew Park station - New Park & Fawn Grove Railroad
The rail line formerly known as the New Park and Fawn Grove Railroad has pretty much vanished from the southern York County landscape. This image shows the former station at New Park, which to the best of my knowledge no longer exists. I'll be making a trip to New Park to verify whether or not this building still stands.

Stewartstown stationStewartstown station - Stewartstown Railroad
This is the original 1898 Stewartstown station, which once stood just a few hundred feet away from the existing 1914 Stewartstown railroad station. This station has disappeared from the Stewartstown landscape.

Thomasville stationThomasville station - Western Maryland Railway
This station, until several years ago, stood along US Route 30 in the town of Thomasville, along the former trackage of the Western Maryland Railway. The building had been neglected for years, and was eventually removed from the site. My thanks to fellow railfan George Steckert for providing the photograph.

York WM passenger stationYork passenger station - Western Maryland Railway
This beautiful station once stood at George and Washington (Arch) streets across from the Western Maryland's freight station. Although the freight station still stands and is used by a business, this passenger station is long gone.

York Haven stationYork Haven station - Northern Central Railway
This station once served the town of York Haven, situated along the western shore of the Susquehanna River north of York. The next station north of this station would have been the Cly station pictured above.

Wrightsville stationWrightsville station and bridge - Pennsylvania Railroad
This station once stood along the Susquehanna River in the borough of Wrightsville, at the western end of the steel truss bridge visible in the background. Both station and bridge are long gone, although the bridge's piers are still visible crossing the river to Columbia, in Lancaster County.

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