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Photos - The Railroads of York, Pennsylvania

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Railroad Photo Page

On this page you will find links to all the photos currently available on this web site.

These will include photographs of trains operating in and around York, current railroad facilities, still-standing former railroad buildings, scans of old photographs and postcards and railroad forms.

Please bear with me as I continue to develop this site. This will probably be a popular area of the site, however it will take some time to get this page to where I want it to be.


Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad Postcards
amgrove.jpg - General store, post office and station at Muddy Creek Forks
belairst.jpg - A view of the station in Bel Air, Maryland
castlefn.jpg - Castle Fin station
deltast1.jpg - A view of the Delta station - note horse drawn vehicles
deltast2.jpg - Similar view as above, with motorized vehicles
deltast3.jpg - A third view of the Delta, Pennsylvania station
dtowntrs.jpg - A Ma & Pa trestle near Dallastown, Pennsylvania
fallston.jpg - A view of the station in Fallston, Maryland
foresthl.jpg - At the Parting of the Ways, Forest Hill, Maryland
glenarm.jpg - Ma & Pa station in Glen Arm, MD
highrock.jpg - General store and station at High Rock
hoopers1.jpg - F.X. Hooper Company, Glenarm MD with milk platform
hoopers2.jpg - F.X. Hooper Company, Glenarm MD, another view
laurelhs.jpg - Laurel House, near the M&P tracks in Laurel, PA
loco26.jpg - Ma & Pa engine #26
loco5.jpg - Builders photo of Ma & Pa engine #5
mapacars.jpg - Ma & Pa boxcar and caboose, possibly at Brogueville, Pennsylvania
mcfbirds.jpg - Birds eye view of Muddy Creek Forks
mcfmill.jpg - The roller mills at Muddy Creek Forks, Pennsylvania
mcfmill2.jpg - A current day view of the above postcard
mdcent5.jpg - Builders photo of Maryland Central RR locomotive No. 5
muddcrk.jpg - Tennis Courts at Muddy Creek Forks, Pennsylvania
muddcrk2.jpg - A current day view of the above postcard
parkehil.jpg - Parke Hill trestle, near Delta, Pennsylvania
pylesvil.jpg - A Ma & Pa train at Pylesville, Maryland
rckstank.jpg - A view of the water tank at Rocks, Maryland
rckstnk4.jpg - Another water tank at Rocks, Maryland view
relay.jpg - A card marked "The Wreck at Relay" location not confirmed
rockssta.jpg - Station and store at Rocks, Maryland
rockstnk.jpg - The water tank at Rocks, Maryland
rocks.jpg - Another view of Rocks, Maryland
springwd.jpg - Allegedly taken at Springwood, Pennsylvania, not confirmed
yoeparad.jpg - A parade forming along the tracks in Yoe, Pennsylvania

Pershing Avenue Street Trackage
persh01.jpg - persh02.jpg - persh03.jpg - persh04.jpg - persh05.jpg - persh06.jpg - persh07.jpg - persh08.jpg - persh09.jpg - persh10.jpg - persh11.jpg - persh12.jpg - persh13.jpg - persh14.jpg - persh15.jpg - persh16.jpg - persh17.jpg - persh18.jpg - persh19.jpg - persh20.jpg - persh21.jpg - perave1.jpg - perave2.jpg

Existing Railroad Structures
brilhart.jpg - Brillhart's station - trackside view
broguevl.jpg - Brogueville station - front/trackside view
brownton.jpg - Brownton station - view of remaining foundation
dillsbg1.jpg - Dillsburg station - trackside view
dillsbg2.jpg - Dillsburg station - streetside view
fawngrv2.jpg - Fawn Grove station, now a residence
felton.jpg - Old Felton freight warehouse
fwngrveh.jpg - Old Fawn Grove engine house
glenvill.jpg - Old Glenville station
hanfrt1.jpg - Hanover freight station - Former Western Maryland
hanfrt2.jpg - Hanover freight station - now used by CSX
hanpass2.jpg - Hanover passenger station, now an office
hellam.jpg - Old Hellam station
hjunct1.jpg - Hanover Junction station - to be restored - backside view
hjunct2.jpg - Hanover Junction station - to be restored - trackside view
hjunct3.jpg - Hanover Junction station - to be restored - overview
hjunct4.jpg - Hanover Junction station - restored - street side view
hjunct5.jpg - Hanover Junction station - restored - trackside view
laurel.jpg - Laurel station - privately owned
laurelbr.jpg - Abandoned steel bridge by Laurel station
mapastn.jpg - Maryland & Pennsylvania RR York station, now a roofing company
mcforks1.jpg - Muddy Creek Forks Roller Mills - overview
mcforks2.jpg - Muddy Creek Forks - A.M. Grove general store, post office and station
mcforks3.jpg - Muddy Creek Forks - view along right-of-way by roller mills
mcforks4.jpg - Muddy Creek Forks - back side view of roller mills
mtwolf1.jpg - Mount Wolf station - backside view
mtwolf2.jpg - Mount Wolf station - trackside view
ncrstn.jpg - Northern Central Rwy. York station, now offices and bus terminal
newfree1.jpg - New Freedom station, recently restored - trackside view
newfree2.jpg - New Freedom station, recently restored - backside view
newfree3.jpg - New Freedom station, recently restored - overview
orevally.jpg - Ore Valley station - possibly under renovation
peachbtm.jpg - Former Peach Bottom Railway station in Delta
redlion2.jpg - Red Lion station, owned by Red Lion Historical Society
relaysta.jpg - Relay station, now a residence
shrews2.jpg - Shrewsbury station, now vacant/storage
smyser.jpg - Smyser station - trackside view
sprgvale.jpg - Springvale station, now a private residence
stewengh.jpg - Stewartstown RR engine house, still in use
stewsta2.jpg - Stewartstown station, still used by railroad
strwbrdg.jpg - Strawbridge station - trackside view
taylors1.jpg - Taylor's trestle in Red Lion - side view
taylors2.jpg - Taylor's trestle in Red Lion - top view
transfer.jpg - Railroad transfer warehouses in York
wiley.jpg - Wiley station - trackside view
wmfrtstn.jpg - Western Maryland York freight station, now a grain transfer facility
wmroosev.jpg - Western Maryland freight house in York, now a fruit retailer
woodbine.jpg - Woodbine station, now a private residence
wyetrest.jpg - Wye trestle in Delta
yorkinlk.jpg - Old interlocking tower in York
yorkmow.jpg - Maintenance of way shed in York

Non-Existing Railroad Structures
castlefn.jpg - Castle Fin station - Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad
cly.jpg - Cly station & tower - Northern Central Railway
dallastn.jpg - Dallastown station - Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad
dillsbg.jpg - Dillsburg station - Railroad unknown
fawngrov.jpg - Fawn Grove depot - New Park & Fawn Grove Railroad
highrock.jpg - High Rock station/store - Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad
newpark.jpg - New Park station - New Park & Fawn Grove Railroad
stewtown.jpg - Stewartstown station - Stewartstown Railroad
thomasvl.jpg - Thomasville station - Western Maryland Railway
wm-york.jpg - York passenger station - Western Maryland Railway
wrightsv.jpg - Wrightsville station & bridge - Pennsylvania Railroad
ykhaven.jpg - York Haven station - Northern Central Railway

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