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Trains at Track Speed
 Trains at Track Speed

- Erie, Pennsylvania
    - A pair of CSX AC60CW's rip past the GE plant

     - CSX C40-8 leading an HLGX C30-7 in dynamic

     - A perfect trio of CP SD40-2's scream by the mic.

     - A unique perspective from underneith as a
        C30-7 and SD40-2 roar above the microphone.
        Features great traction motor sounds!

- Raleigh, NC
    Hodge Rd- All of these are recorded at night from the
        same crossing east of Raleigh at night. This is the base
        of a steep grade so it's run 8 at 40 mph in each one!

       - NS D9-40CW leading 2 EMD's, great doppler effect.
        - NS D9-40C #8803 provides a long horn sequence.
            Note: The 8803 was belching smoke and cinders,
                and it just didn't sound like a GE should. It
                caught fire a couple miles past this location.
        - A spine tingling horn on a NS D9-40C. If your
            computer has a good sound system, the trailing
            SD60 will rock the room.
        - Can you believe this horn was on a Norfolk Southern
            D9-40CW?? I couldn't believe NS could have such
           a good sounding horn!

       Glenwood Yard- The Norfolk Southern yard in town is on
            a .74% grade, so when the trains come in, they use
            full dynamic braking to keep under 10 mph.
        - This one is for you diehard EMD fans!! Four screaming 
            EMD's lashed together, only 1 with Dash-2 technology;
            2 NS SD40's, 1 MRL SD45, and a PRR SD40-2. You
            don't get to hear this too often!