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Vintage Rail Photos - Boscobel, WI - 1998

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Boscobel, WI - 1998

Milwaukee Road

By 1998 things were looking up as these photos taken during the August motorcar trip show.  The track had been rehabbed and service by the Wisconsin and Southern had resumed all the way to Prairie du Chien while the depot had been purchased by a local historical group and restoration as a museum was being completed.  Note that the high roofline was again in place on the east end of the building.  Sometime during the 1940's this end of the structure had been demolished by an out-of-control truck running off the adjacent street and the ever-frugal Milwaukee Road opted to rebuild the damaged section with a low roof to save some money.  When the local group began their restoration of the structure it was decided to rebuild the roof as it had been originally constructed.


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