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RAILROAD STATION MONOGRAPHS are larger papers dealing with depots and other structures. The following Railroad Station Monographs are still available for purchase. Some are in short supply, please indicate second choices. The indicated price is for current RSHS members; price in parentheses is for non-members, both include postage within the U.S. and Canada. 

Back issues of the Bulletin are also available, see that list here.

Please send a check or money order payable to the Railroad Station Historical Society to the following address:

Jim Dent
Railroad Station Historical Society
26 Thackeray Road
Oakland, NJ 07436-3312

Monographs Available:

Number 12: THE RAILWAY STRUCTURE COLUMN OF THE RAILWAY AGE GAZETTE 1911 by Thornton Waite, 1985 $5.00 ($6.00)

Number 13: LONDON – THE WORLD’S RAILROAD STATION CAPITAL by Louis K. Lowenstein, 1986 $5.00 ($6.00)

Number 16: MOSCOW: A CITY WITH A NECKLACE OF BUSY RAILROAD STATIONS by Louis K. Lowenstein, 1989 $5.00 ($6.00)

Number 18: SOME DEPOTS IN MONTANA, WYOMING AND UTAH by Thornton Waite, 1991 $5.00 ($6.00)

Number 21: A VIRGINIA DEPOT SAMPLER by Donald Traser, 1994 $7.00 ($9.00)

Number 22: RAILWAY STATION ARCHITECTURE IN SCANDINAVIA: A SURVEY by Keith L. Bryant, Jr., The University of Akron, 1995 $15.00 ($18.00)

Number 23: UNION PACIFIC BRANCH LINE DEPOTS IN NEBRASKA by William F. Rapp, 1997 $8.50 ($10.00)

Number 24: Timetables, Brochures and Depots by Norbert J. Shacklette, 2000, $8.00 ($10.00)


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