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Vintage Rail Photos

By Craig H. Bluschke

Randolph, WI - Milwaukee Road Depot 

Dan's Vintage Depot photo of Randolph, WI  is the starting point for this series of pictures showing how Randolph evolved through the years.

The original picture, taken at an unknown date during the steam era, shows the structure as it was originally built.

By 1973 the Milwaukee Road had removed the waiting room end of the building and was using only the original baggage room to house the agent.  At this point the line was still intact as a through route between Horicon and Portage.









Twenty five years later, in 1998, the structure has been removed entirely although the track, now operated by the Wisconsin and Southern, has been improved considerably.  By this time the line had also been removed west of Randolph between Cambria and Portage, although the remaining portion of the line generates a fair amount of seasonal traffic from the canning plants located in the area.




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