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Vintage Depots - Lesser Michigan Depots 1

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Vintage Depots

By Dan Minkus

Lesser known depots in Michigan - 1

This installment's vintage depots highlight lesser known depots in Michigan.

The first is the NYC (former Michigan Central) depot at Grosse Ile.  Grosse Ile is a group of island in the Detroit River south of Detroit.  For about fifty years, visitors to Grosse Ile were able to come by train. From 1873-1883, the Canada Southern Railroad carried both passengers and cargo from the mainland, over the railroad bridge (now the county bridge), across Grosse Ile (now Grosse Ile Parkway), and over a small bridge span which led to Stony Island. At that point, the cars were transferred to a ferryboat and taken to Gordon, Ontario, where they were put back on track to continue the journey to Buffalo. The customs house, which served the international route, now stands behind the museum and houses antique furniture and artifacts. Through service to Canada was discontinued in the early 1900's.
In 1904, the Michigan Central, successor to Canadia Southern, built the depot shown in pictures. Commuter service to Detroit was available until the mid-1920's. The information is courtesy of the Grosse Ile Historical Society and the pictures are from the Detroit Publishing Co. collection in the Library of Congress. The pictures date from between 1904 and 1910.



The next depot is the PRR depot at Bay View.  This depot is on the former Grand Rapids and Indiana line to Mackinaw City.  




Bay View lies on Little Traverse Bay and was a stopping point for many resort-bound travelers. The photos are from the Detroit Publishing collection and are dated 1906.





The last depot is the PRR depot in Wequetonsing. This depot is also on Little Traverse Bay, but is on the branch line to Harbor Springs that cut off the Grand Rapids - Mackinaw City main a little north of Bay View. This
depot was also a resort stop. The photo is from the Detroit Publishing collection and was taken between 1900 and 1910.

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