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Vintage Rail Photo - Ashland, WI

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Vintage Rail Photo's

By Craig H. Bluschke

Ashland, WI 

Soo Line Railroad Station


The largest  fire in 25 years claimed the heart of the Ashland community
Saturday, April 1, 2000.  Photos taken of the aftermath are here.

A blaze at the 1887 Soo Line Railroad Depot caused $3 million to $5
million dollars in damage, said Keith Tveit, fire chief of the Ashland
Fire Department. The building housed two restaurants, the Railyard Pub and the Depot; a microbrewery, South Shore Brewery; and office space.  A report of heavy smoke and heat in the Railyard Pub's kitchen area came in around 9 a.m. Saturday.

Two employees of the restaurant had fired up appliances and gone to do something else, Tveit said. The fire rapidly progressed from the kitchen to the second-story offices and roof of the old depot....from the News-Tribune.

Thought I'd follow up the story of the Ashland, WI depot fire with some 
photos that were taken of the structure during 1975. This was long before it ever became a restaurant, while Soo Line still had their offices located here.

More Ashland Photos

After the fire

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