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Vintage Rail Photo - Wyeville, WI

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Vintage Rail Photo's

By Craig H. Bluschke

Wyeville, WI

This week's pics were taken at C&NW's Wyeville, WI junction on a busy afternoon in December of 1982.

The first photo looks west from a point east of the tower and crossing, which can 
be seen in the distance. The semaphore signals and switch are set for an approaching westbound train to take the diverging route to the right toward 
the Twin Cities.

The next photo was taken looking south from the highway crossing north of the 
junction and shows the westbound train passing underneath the home signal 

The final photo has an eastbound train with a Conrail unit in the lead waiting at 
the crossing. This train would have most likely originated at Winona, MN and will proceed east towards Milwaukee and Chicago as soon as the train in the first two photos has cleared the interlocking.


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