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North Western Terminal

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Chicago's North Western Terminal


This photo of the inside of North Western Terminal in Chicago, IL was taken in April 1977 by Gordy Bjoraker.  One of Gordy's all time favorite big city stations, it was built in 1914 and demolished in 1984.



More from Gordy...Most of Northwestern Station was demolished in 1984. The waiting room, shown in my photo (above), is gone. The concourse, at the level of the waiting room and at the level of the elevated tracks, is also gone. To reach track level you had to go up an escalator from the Canal Street side. Monday thru Friday only you could enter the lower concourse from street level and walk up steps to track level. I believe the lower concourse still exists, and the track area with its Bush trainshed is still unchanged. Everything else was replaced by a glass art-deco skyscraper that looks like an old fashioned radio.


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