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Roman's CBNS photography  
Hi and welcome to my webpage. There isn't much here right now because I don't spend much time on webpages, focussing on trains and railfanning instead. With time things should improve however as I post more and more trip reports and other information. My name is  and I have been an active CN, CP, VIA and shortline railfan for close to four years now. During that time I've managed to keep a decent gallery of my best photography online. But do to the brief text descriptions alongside a few selected imaged, the railroads story, whether that of a passing train or a crew working is not told, therefore I have found it always best to post trip reports and the like, which is what this site is intended for. Since I currently reside in Antigonish, NS, CBNS is the railroad that I'm railfanning, as I do not discriminate between Class I vs. shortline, SD45-2 or a MOW tamper, just photograph whatever I see. At 18 years old I'm also a first-year university student and an amateur HO scale modeller as well.
June 22nd photos now online.
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