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June 22nd, 2006
June 22nd, 2006
    Today I railfanned just east of town on the other side of Antigonish Landing, primary do to the scenic backdrop. The power was provided by the usual five engines, hauling the typical train, along with an odd flatcar and 15 CN ore gondolas, not to mention less tankers then usual. Before leaving the station, the train set-off 3 bulkhead pulpwood cars, most of which had WC numbers.

1:56pm Eastbound CBNS 306, consist: 5 Units, c36 cars
(Note direction is where the units were facing)
E/B LLPX 2269 - (GP38-2)
E/B LLPX 2259 - (GP38-2)
W/B HATX 910 - (SD45-2)
E/B HATX 907 - (SD45-2)
W/B HATX 912 - (SD45-2)
c15 CN ore gondolas, some numbers:
CN 198431 safety stripes
CN 198353
CN 198533
CN 198472 safety stripes
CN 198517 - graffiti
CN 198043
CN 198191 safety stripes
CN 198847 safety stripes
CN 198490 safety stripes
CN 198893 safety stripes
Note: About 1/3-1/2 had safety stripes.
c15 SCR/ex-Devco green coal hoppers, some numbers:
DR 9412
DR 9404
DR 8568
DR 9418
XTTX 93486 yellow platform loaded with 4 tractor wheels + plow
5 black LPG tankers:
SHPX 320787
PROX 99423
PROX new safety stripes
SHPX 220781
SHPX 220779 last car
Note: Do to blurriness the car numbers aren't exact, i.e. CN 198353 could be CN 198333, etc.