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Moorman, Kentucky

The abandoned route from Owensboro to Moorman was constructed in 1871 as the Owensboro and Russellville Railroad.  It later became property of the L & N and eventually CSXT.  The stretch from Owensboro to Livermore was abandoned in 1984.  In 2000, CSXT abandoned the section from Livermore to Moorman.

Rails remain on the portion from the river near Livermore  and connect with an active CSX east/west line south of Moorman. 

From Livermore, north to Owensboro, the rails have all been removed, but the right of way is clearly visible in many spots from HWY 431.  The Bridges are gone and yellow guard rails are in place in some spots of the ROW.  However, some road crossing signal flashers mysteriously remain years after the line was taken out.  A small park in Livermore pays tribute to the former line and displays a restored L & N caboose.    

The Line crosses highway 431 about four miles north of Moorman.  This spot has what looks to be the remains of a reversing wye, and a diamond where another railroad crossed.  The other railroad is totally gone.  On my first visit in early 2004, CSX was using the Moorman end to store rolling stock that needed repairs.  On my second visit in late 2004, all of the rolling stock had been removed.

The most interesting feature of the line is a massive draw bridge which the railroad used to move trains over the river about seven or eight miles north of Moorman.  The bridge was turned north/south for trains to cross and now remains in tact in the east/west position to allow the passage of river traffic.
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