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S-Trains Guide Lines  S-Trains List Guidelines
These are the notes that are sent to folks when they first subscribe to S-Trains.

Welcome to the S-Trains list. Please take a moment to review this message.  
This list is intended for folks who share an interest in S-Scale (1/64th) and
S-Gauge model railroading.

To UNSUBSCRIBE from this list go to 
The menu will also let you change your subscription
between digest and normal mode.  If you are a non-web e-mail 
user, (ie Juno) just send me a note and I will take care of you.

Some Guidelines:
Always visit the FAQ page (
to see if your question may have been already answered.

There are now over 600 members on this list. Please try to limit your
messages to a maximum of one per day.

When responding to S-Trains, please do not use the 'Reply' or 'ReplyAll' button
because it often includes the entire original e-mail text.  Instead
create a 'new' message and address it to

Write directly to the person when  you want to have an in-depth

If you don't like the language or attitude of a list member, send them a
note (or me). It may just be a 'slip' or a misunderstanding.

'Buying and Selling' on the list is acceptable as long as the notes are
kept short and infrequent. I would prefer a link to a web page rather
than a price list in the e-mail.

If you are more interested in the SCALE part of 1/64th railroading, I 
suggest you join S-Scale list at

Paul Yorke