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TABLE OF CONTENTS (from Tom Barker's '…Repair…Manual')

Table I-1  
Figure I-1  
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Figure I-7   
Table I-2 

Table II-I  
Figure II-1   
Table II-2   
Table II-3   
Table II-4  

Table II-5  

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Chapter I
Tools and Parts
Essential Tools and Supplies 
Make-shift Ammeter  
Locomotive Holder  
Wheel Puller  
Parts Made From Rubber Molds  
Steam and Diesel Field Magnets  
Steam Engine Armatures  
Diesel Armatures  
Parts Supplies  
Chapter II 10
Diagnosing A Problem
Common Sources of Engine Problems  
Trouble Shooting Flow Chart  
Diagnostic Guide for Steam Engines  
Diagnostic Guide for Diesels  
Diagnostic Guide for Franklin and  
Washington Locomotives   
Diagnostic Guide for Baldwin Diesels 
Chapter III
Power To The Engine 
Dirty Wheels
Spreading Truck Sides   
Polishing Wheels  
Pick Up Wheel Arrangement  
Reverse Units and Wiring 
Using A Jack Panel  
 Wiring Diagrams for Four and Two-Step Reversing Units  
Continuity Tester   
Forward Wiring and Current Flow   
Reverse Wiring and Current Flow   
Contact Fingers on Drum Contact Fingers  
Contact Fingers   
Wiring Diagram for Converting AC Transformer   
to DC Operation  
Wiring for Reversing With A Diode Bridge  Diagram for Bridge Rectifier  
Chapter IV      20
Servicing Steam Engines
Direct Tender Connection  
Side Rod Detail  
Loose Tire Shorting Through Switch   
Loose Tire, Underside  
Three-Part Steam Engine Drive Wheel  
Epoxy Putty Applied to Loose Tire Section of  
Drive Wheel  
Using A Wheel Puller  
Quartering Steam Engine Drive Wheels 
Figure IV-9 
Figure IV-I0 
Figure IV-11 

Figure V-l 
Figure V-2 
Figure V-3 
Figure V-4 

Table VI-1 

Figure VI-I 

Figure VI-2 

Figure VI-3 
Figure VI-4 
Figure VI-5 
Figure VI-6 

Figure VII-I 
Figure VII-2 
Figure VII-3 
Figure VII-4 
Figure VII-5 
Figure VII-6 
Figure VII-7 
Figure VII-8 

Table VII-1 
Figure VIII-I 
Figure VIII-2 
Figure VIII-3 
Figure VIII-5 
Figure VIII-4 

Smoke Clouds 
 Using A Vise to Press On Wheels Wick Winding for A Smoke Unit 
Pull Mor and Pre-Pull Mor Armatures 
Chapter V
Alco PA-1 and GP-7
Dirty Diesel Chassis 
Axle Seating for Drive Wheels 
Diesel Brush Position 
Driving Worm Gear Off Armature Shaft
Chapter VI 28
Major Engine Overhauls
Field and Armature Wire Gauges and Lengths 
Winding Fields
Broken Field Wire 
Winding Armatures
Pole Windings and Commutator Connections 
Worn Out Diesel Wheel and Axle Bushings
Replacing A Bushing
Jig for Diesel Bushing Repair 
Jig for Holding A Diesel Chassis 
Drilling Through A Chassis 
Pressing A Bushing In Firmly 
Chapter VII
Whistles and Horns
314AW Whistle Assembly 
314AW Whistle Control Circuit 
314AW Return Spring Adjustment 
Electronic Whistle Circuit Schematic 
Electronic Whistle Schematic, 110 volts 
Steam Whistle Control, #710 
Steam Whistle Schematic, #710 
Wiring Diagram for #710 Steam Whistle Controller 
Filter Capacitor Values 
Chapter  VIII   37
Operating Box Car with Body Removed 
Stretching A Spring 
Winding A Solenoid On A Drill 
Talking Station Cam and Contact Arm 
Angling the Cow's Feet Material 
Additional Instructions Based on Gilbert
Instruction Sheets 
Chapter IX     53
Operating With 2-Rail Track Engine Schematics & Parts Lists
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