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Jerry Poniatowski’s Budd Car Jerry Poniatowski’s Budd Car
Here's some pictures of my Budd car. The shell is completely hand made.  The chassis is a modified American Models RS-3 chassis. It was stretched so that the bolster centers were 10 inches apart. It still negotiates Flyer radius track and switch work, but looks great on wider radius track. 
The shell is styrene plastic formed from sheets of Evergreen and Plastruct shapes.The roof vent fans are from a mold I made of AM's Amtrak diesel and cast in resin.  There's very little filler in it's construction. The colors are Floquil's Old Silver with Tuscan striping. The lettering is Microscale Pennsy yellow with heralds from the same sheet. The thing will run on AC or DC and has constant interior lighting from a circuit I found in a magazine. 
The headlights and tailights are also constant brightness, but they are also directional.  It took me almost two years to make (in my spare time) and was a great project.  I got the idea from a prototype in Dan Olson's collection that I saw in a Classic Toy Trains from a few years back. It concerned a Flyer item that was considered in 1953, but was never produced. This is my interpretation of what a final production item could have looked like.  As with all the AM products, it's a real smooth runner.
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