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Charlotte Train Show 12/99 Joe Haenn's Pictures from the Charlotte Train Show page 1  (goto to page 2)

Central Carolinas Division members Pete Hildenbrand, Butch Henion, Tom Davi, Joe Haenn, and Gene Sankowski.  Disclaimer:  We have nothing whatsoever to do with the orange boxes in the background.
Below: Sam works his semaphore and our Baggage Loader man love to work for the kids!

Right: Pete gives Butch, our newest member, some pointers. The three modules to the right were built by Joe Haenn.


Look how great these SHS flat car with load and TOFLs look behind an AF C&O Geep and how S gauge trains fit perfectly with ceramic village buildings and accessories from Lemax on one of Rhett George's 6-foot modules!!

That's Butch's AF Hudson passing S scale scratch-built buildings and homemade Branford Diner by Tom Davis.

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